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September 15th 2022 / 3 minutes to read

I miss blogging like how I used to. I feel like tiny posts faded as social media took over but now that things like Twitter are more like a news site than anything else, I figure why not go back to my random posts, even if it’s just one sentence, multiple times a day.

The Negative

This month has been a challenge so far, I mean, in general, this time of year is always hard on me emotionally for a billion reasons, but truly, it’s been never-ending.

I had a migraine on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and I’m out of ibuprofen, which sucks.

The freezer wants to die. Pretty sure it’s the compressor, but that’s over $600 to replace, so we’re stuck doing bandaid fixes. Trying to get the legally bound roommate to do anything about it is… well, damn near impossible.

One of my credit cards somehow got compromised for over $500. Capital One handled it super quickly, but still.

I had to take Winter to the vet for his yearly Prozac visit on Monday, and the vet charged $200 more than last year, which in the words of my youngest, is sus.

The underwire in my bra snapped out and stabbed me for hours because it happened as I was driving us to the dentist yesterday.

I’m starting to share more and more about the toxic marriage I’m trapped in, primarily on Facebook. Going to try to share more here. It’s difficult because I’ve hidden the truth for so long. For so many reasons, shame and fear are the big ones. Also, it’s hard because people have such a strange view of marriage, that just because you’re married, suddenly there’s money and assets. Or that you can just leave and start over easily without family support or financial support.

I recently went to my thyroid doctor, and I have ever so teeny tiny improved. It’s not optimal but improved. I still have a positive ANA that we can’t figure out, and my body is still showing signs of some sort of infection, which we can’t figure out either. But still… any improvement is something to be happy about! It’s hard when all of my doctors, I have 3+, tell me so many of my issues are due to my stress level. I can’t meditate my situation away, so I just try to take my prescriptions and supplement as much as possible.

The positive

My boys and I had our dental cleanings yesterday, which included the full exam and x-rays this time, and we all are perfect. Flawless.

My son, Tristan, showed me how actually to use my Discord account so I can do more in World of Warcraft since a lot of the groups require it now.

Lastly, a couple of photos of one of the last sunflowers from my garden.

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i went to tumblr and really only post screenshots from games i play. gave up on blogging and/or trying to make money from it xD

I’ve never done ads; in hindsight, I probably should have, though. Blogging as a whole, especially personal blogs, has disappeared in favor of Instagram/TikTok/Youtube. But all of these social media services have changed so dramatically from their original intent that I don’t have the energy to be on them much. Getting anyone to look at your IG posts means you have to post a story. It’s too much energy, LOL!

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