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Redesign: Watercolor


Well as you can see here (if you regularly visit) I have yet again, done a complete redesign of OSN (if reading via RSS please check it out!), I’ve sort of called this design “Watercolor” for what I hope, are obvious reasons.

I mainly wanted something a bit less boxy in appearance with brighter coloring. I’ve also changed/moved/added some things as well!

I recently registered with Google Voice and got my number which is (520) 344-0537. I chose a Tucson area code for nostalgia purposes really, who cares if I live in Illinois now! So you can use that number to contact me if you so choose.

For kicks I got my boyfriend to join twitter, you can follow him @banditrun1, eventually I want to get him into blogging too, but as it is, he’s unsure of what to do with twitter.

If you notice any issues please let me know, via the comments or all the other ways to get ahold of me.

A list of changes with this redesign:

  • new photo page that displays all of my flickr photos (thumbnails) in order from most to least recent
  • recent comments area on the sidebar, currently displaying three
  • changed the twitter display to show one tweet only, also added a permalink to the tweet itself
  • on all entries added a TweetMeme button so y’all can retweet the entry URL, only wish the coloring was customizable
  • on the snippet entries, changed the location of the comment link, it’s now beside the title
  • in the header, displaying the amount of twitter followers and RSS subscribers
  • added a 1px dotted border around the avatars on the comments page
  • slightly updated the about page with personal details and a contact form
  • added more links

Onto other things, I am only 5 1/2 weeks away from my due date. It’s so weird to think about really. I’m curious if he will be early, on time, or late. My twin sister was just shy of a week late with her daughter and my oldest was born via c-section due to being a footling transverse breech. I’m trying to stay positive that my VBAC will be successful! We’ve decided to name this little one Tristan Skye Vincent. Part of me feels weird that at this current time, I won’t be sharing a last name with either of my sons (the plural still freaks me out!). I wish that my oldest didn’t have the last name that he does via his biological father. Hopefully I can fix that soon!

We are so very excited, this year we will be homeschooling my oldest son for the 2nd grade. Due to the awful experiences with public school (since day one of kindergarten actually), combined with my son’s learning style, we’ve found this to be the best choice. As it is, he seems happier, more eager to learn, and actually wants to write now! We are leaning towards doing a slightly structured approach, I did look into unschooling, but it didn’t fit what we are wanting to do. I would appreciate any support, suggestions, website links, blogs, etc!

Well I suppose that’s it for now, hopefully this will help me curb my redesign OSN constantly urge! One can only hope right?

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Link CSS Changes

In post content only, I now have external links with a little arrow and made affiliate links orange plus the arrow.

I feel like that will, hopefully, make things clearer visually if a link is affiliate, external, or internal.

Spring Equinox

A blessed Ostara / Spring Equinox / First Day of Spring to you!

Small OSN Refreshes

Changed the following to OSN:

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posted on August 18th 2009 at 10:10AM CDT

Very pretty Sarah. I myself, tend to avoid color at all costs but you do it well.

posted on August 18th 2009 at 1:31PM CDT

Oh my goodness! I wish I had your talent. This is absolutely beautiful.

posted on August 18th 2009 at 1:34PM CDT

Oops, I was having a more extensive poke around after my initial “OMG IT’S AWESOME” comment and I just wanted to let you know that your photo gallery isn’t working for me. Everything else looks fantastic, though!

posted on August 18th 2009 at 6:18PM CDT

@C, thank you so much!!

@Caity, thank you! Please check the photo page again? It works on all 5 of our computers at home lol, so I wonder why it’s blank for you?

posted on August 18th 2009 at 8:13PM CDT

Hey Sarah it’s working for me now! It looks fantastic! I was on my computer at work before and it has quite a slow connection. That was probably the culprit.

posted on August 18th 2009 at 8:16PM CDT

Whew! I also reduced the number of thumbnails by like… half I think. I also went and made sure all the pages validated XHTML strict, because it’s one of my quirks lol. YAY so glad it works for you now!

posted on August 18th 2009 at 9:02PM CDT

I like the colors of the new design *envies your awesome designing skills* I like the name you have chosen for your baby boy, and I hope Daniel likes being homeschooled! I hope to be able to homeschool my children someday!

posted on August 18th 2009 at 9:18PM CDT

Oh honey I love this design so much. I fell in love at first sight. I was reading through my RSS feed but had to visit immediately. Everything about this is gorgeous and amazing. You’ve definitely inspired me to complete my blog design soon. I know it won’t be half as amazing as this but I’ll try!

I’m so happy for you to be able to homeschool your son. Although my homeschooling experiences were not well, when done correctly, homeschooling can be amazing. I hope it all goes well!

posted on August 19th 2009 at 2:56AM CDT

@Kecia, thank you so much!! I had wanted to HS Danny since day one, but didn’t have the support at the time and was working full-time when he was just a baby, meh. I am so happy to finally be able to get back to my initial thought process on schooling for him!

@Angel, thank you!! It’s hard I still feel like minor tweaks that I’ll only notice lol. Ohhh share details on your homeschool experience! I think people fall into the trap of being way too overly “school like” or on the other hand, leaving it completely up to the child to teach everything to themselves with no guidance.

posted on August 19th 2009 at 4:57AM CDT

First time at the site, andwhat an interesting and fun post to come and read first time.
The redesign is beautiful. What skill you have.

Thanks for the mention of the TweetMeme, I keep seeing it and wanting it but could not find a link to the actual site. Thanks.

I love reading blogs of new mums (second time included) so you’ve found a new reader here!

posted on August 19th 2009 at 5:00AM CDT

Thank you so much! If you use WordPress there is a specific TweetMeme plugin, you can download it via the WP plugin manager or the TweetMeme site, it’s the plugin I personally use.

posted on August 19th 2009 at 8:16AM CDT

OH I love it! The colors are awesome and it reminds me of my favorite time of year, Fall, because of the coloring. Great job!

posted on August 20th 2009 at 9:16AM CDT

whoa love the new layout so pretty and so is the image.

Not long now, are you excited?

posted on August 20th 2009 at 12:25PM CDT

@Ranee, thank you so much, the fall color scheme was exactly what I was aiming for!!

@Damita, thank you! I am actually terrified, I think due in part to the fact that it was me and my oldest for SO LONG so I feel like I’m starting over again lol

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