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Album Art for Breaking the Habit

Linkin Park

Breaking the Habit

Album Art for Linger

The Cranberries


Album Art for Bring Me to Life


Bring Me to Life

Album Art for Take a Look Around

Limp Bizkit

Take a Look Around

Gorgeous!!! Both the roses, and the photographs! :-)

Thank you so much! I thought they were so just… Autumny colored!

And Miles To Go...

beautiful colors!

Reply to And Miles To Go...

Thank you!!!


That second one is so beautiful! (They’re all gorgeous, but you know what I mean. lol)

Reply to Catie

LOL thank you kitten!

one word….STUNNING!!!

Aww thank you!


I love the rose, sarah. Especially the first one. ♥ Saw your pictures on Flickr. I pinned some on Pinterest. ♥ Great work. =)

Reply to arveerella

OH thank you! What is Pinterest?


`you should try Pinterest, sarah…♥ “Pin­ter­est is a social cat­a­log ser­vice. Think of it as a vir­tual pin­board — a place where you can post col­lec­tions of things you love, and “fol­low” col­lec­tions cre­ated by peo­ple with great taste. ” It’s fun!

Reply to arveerella

Oh, they’re GORGEOUS roses to begin with and I love the third shot. I absolutely LOVE the DOF, and the aperture (I don’t know how to word that properly… I like how you made the background fuzzier to make the rose a sharp focus?? lol). I look up to you so much as a photographer!

Reply to Samantha

LOL that would be DoF and I shot wide open to get that look!! Thank you so much!!


the top one is my fave. i love everything about it.

also, rose is maddie’s middle name.

Reply to liz

Yay thank you! Oh that is such a lovely middle name!


The first one is my favorite…but I love them all!

Reply to Natalie

Thank you so much Natalie!


Absolutely gorgeous

Reply to Keeshia

Aww thank you Keeshia!


They all look awesome – especially with your new design! I love that last one. Have you opened that fine art store yet? ;)

Reply to Lynda

THANK YOU! I totally agree LOL. AHHA no not yet… maybe someday!

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