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Nice shots! I love birds.

Thank you! I do too, we need to buy some more birdseed to see if the blue jay’s come back around.

dysfunctional mom

I love them all. My favorite is the one with the black bird on top of the tree. That would look amazing printed & in a black frame.

Reply to dysfunctional mom

Thank you! I actually was pondering if I should print that or not, I love how stark it is!

What pretty birdies! I love the bird sanctuary sign. I think it’s so cool that they made it out of old bike chains! And your photos are beautiful as always! :)

Aww thank you! I shot that photo in the yard down the street… it’s a bit like a hoarder yard honestly and from what DH says, they are “known” as the hoarder house inside and out. However, I thought the sign was fitting of the post lol.

that second one, the silhouette, is fantastic.

Yay thank you!

Wow you got lovely bird photos there, at first i thought that bird word is written on the bark! The second photos is so cute!

LOL thank you so much!!

Kim @ This Belle Rocks

Wow, what pretty birds!

Reply to Kim @ This Belle Rocks

Thank you Kim!

Great collection there! Happy WW!

Thank you so much Alicia!!


Gorgeous shots! Love the second one :)

Reply to Andie

Sweet! Thank you!


Wow! Those are beautiful birds! Very colorful, I just love the contrast with the background!

Reply to Marie-Anne

Thank you so much!

Very nice! My favourite is the first of the bird sanctuary sign. I love how you framed it. Beautiful!


I love the second one. Love. It is bleak and beautiful at the same time. Not bleak. Stark. Hmm. Don’t like that one either. It is hardcore awesome. That’s better.

Reply to Amy

Thank you! I think the light was PERFECT in that photo too lol.

The solitary bird in silhouette is a beauty.

Thank you!

your photos, and your blog, are lovely. first time visiting, and I’ll be back! have a great day.

Why thank you very much!!!


gorgeous bird shots and i just love the sign. i saw the strangest bird here the other day. i wish i had gotten a picture of it so i could ask people what it was.

Reply to elva

I am like that ALL the time about birds/animals, I wish we saw more “rare” ones but our location just isn’t conductive for it.

I love red winged blackbirds! Great shots!

Thank you! I do too! I love the splash of color against their black feathers.

That shot of the cardinal is gorgeous. I love the bright red.

We don’t get those around my neighborhood

What beautiful shots. :)

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