Sari update!

January 16th 2004 / 1 minute to read

Hey y’all, Ambie here.

I got a few IM’s from Sari today.  She is doing well and having lots of kinky fun with her chico.  Her direct quote: “Sex is good hahahahha”.  So yeah, she is having a really good time with Matt.  More when one of us gets an update!

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hrm…very plain site..least its clean..plants though!,lol..whatever floats ya boat

Reply to AsherK

good to hear she’s doing alright!

Reply to Melissa

It’s nice to hear she’s alright. I would have to guess sex is good lol. BTW love your layout, it’s soo prettyful.

Reply to xxj3nnfur

goodness. oh well. as long as shes having fun!!

Reply to Ashlee

very original, i’ve never seen plants on a layout before, haha! mwuah

Reply to eve

hehe… sounds like someone was having a good time, huh?! lol. cool layout, very different. ya got a nice site going here keep up the great work! :)

Reply to oxox_em

glad to hear she’s doing well :) and having a good time ;) i like your layout.. very nice and pretty, i love the colors! :D

Reply to Steph

even though i dont know who that is.. seems like shes having fun!

Reply to stephanie

lmfao she must be having fun

Reply to nida

Hey Its Lita from provance!

Reply to Lita

GRR it cut my post! anyways I said that mamby right longer entrys and this lay is ok but mambe more colorful lay! but its pretty!

Reply to Lita

Oooh pots of plants!!! :D That’s a new one, lol.
Oh well, at least Sari’s having fun, lmao.

Reply to Sam

omg, i lvoe this layout! your blend is awesome! lol, cute quote =) obviously she’s enjoying it.

Reply to michele

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