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Herndon says his black lipstick and red eye makeup express the Wiccan religious beliefs he shares with his mother, a priestess in the neo-pagan faith. The suspension violates his constitutional right to free expression, he contends.

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posted on April 14th 2005 at 2:56PM CDT

i read that article too and all i can do is shake my head as well.  what else can ya do, eh..

posted on April 14th 2005 at 2:52PM CDT

Now feel free to correct me if I am wrong here, but I would believe the Wiccan religion is actually older than the Christian faith – thus making the term “neo-pagan” inaccurate!

“Neo” means new – Don’t you just love the Neo-chritian/Neo-islamic/Neo-judaeo bias of the press?! :-\

posted on April 14th 2005 at 8:38PM CDT

Omg, your layout is so peaceful, I could sit here and stare at it for hours!

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