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I love Autumn ,such a wonderful time of the year..

Oh it’s my absolute FAVORITE time of year!


Gorgeous photos. Fall is such a photo-op!

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Thank you! I couldn’t agree more, the colors are just amazing!

I'm a full-time mummy

Lovely pictures!!

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Thank you so much!

Gorgeous photos!! Love the first one the most! WOW…


Thank you! I shot that while we were in Long Grove, such a pretty little town.


LOVE the dandelion. I love those little puffballs. :D I’m really enjoying the changing leaves right now, so gorgeous.

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Daniel was actually holding it up for me, he had a TON but that was the only one that still was full lol.

Beautiful!! I want to lie on a blanket under the tree in that first picture and knit things.

Oh gosh. I haven’t knit anything in YEARS! I tell Keith all the time I wish we had maples and such in our yard, ALL we have are pine trees.


I was so excited to click over here today and see new fall pictures!

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Aww thank you so much Danielle!!


Absolutely gorgeous. The ones on the brick are my favourite.

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Thank you Caity! That’s one of my favorites too, I love the textures.


The dandelion is so clear it looks like I could blow on the screen and spread the seeds.

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Thank you! Danny was holding it up for me lol. I thought it was just so pretty in contrast to the background.


Beautiful shots, I especially love the first shot. Do you edit your pictures in photoshop or are the colors captured by the settings of your camera?

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Well I shoot RAW so I don’t really edit but I HAVE to post-process. Eventually I will do a tutorial on it but I am so basic about it most of the time lol.


Great images, I love autumn

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Thank you so much Damita!


Wow, those are nice!

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Yay thank you!


Sarah these are wonderful. This series is quite lovely. Each photo is almost more lovely than the last-if that’s even possible. I also find them very inspiring.

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Aww thank you! I really find Autumn to be the best season for photography for me lol.

The close up of the leaves on the engraved pavers is just incredible. Man, I love fall!

Thank you! That’s one of my favorite shots actually!


Great use of DoF with the Dandelion! Also digging the slight blur on the red leaf against the aged wood. Nice work! :)

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