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posted on July 3rd 2005 at 3:11PM CDT

Wow, those are gorgeous.  Especially the one that may or may not be a dragonfly.

posted on July 3rd 2005 at 4:24PM CDT

It sure looks like a dragonfly to me. They’re gorgeous – what kind of camera do you have? I’m currently researching digitals for my move to Japan next month and I think I’ve settled on one, but, I’m always open to new thoughts!

I’ll have to e-mail you again sometime about access to posting to my blog sometime as I’mnot sure if you got the last one or not?

posted on July 3rd 2005 at 5:26PM CDT

Those roses(?) look edible – as if made of icing or marzipan…. and tell me you didn’t pick the chilli’s for your supper!? ;-)