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So finally a new layout. I’ve been in a depression lately and trying super hard to get out of it. Some of you know the situation. Anyway. It’s frigid outside so I’ve not really done much and with the whole mopey attitude I have, I mainly have been sleeping a ton. Oh and watching a ton of Food Network. I’ve been trying to perk myself up by playing WoW (world of warcraft)  and I am a bit giggly that I suckered my boyfriend into playing as well. 

So I am trying to get back into the swing of things… have I missed anything? Any cool sites/forums/etc I need to see?


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james r.
posted on January 12th 2009 at 7:24PM CST

That’s amazing, Sarah!

posted on January 12th 2009 at 8:42PM CST

This is a great picture, one of my favs.

posted on January 13th 2009 at 5:12AM CST

Hey hun good too see you back online not seen you about for ages. *huggles*

posted on January 13th 2009 at 9:15AM CST

Wow, that’s some awesome work! Now I am running off to Flickr so I can fave that!

posted on January 13th 2009 at 10:42AM CST

I’m glad to hear from you! Like I said, that picture is AWESOMEE!! Jenn opened up photographygirls.com again if you’re interested. I’m really hoping it stays active because I heart having an entire forum dedicated to photos.

I reeeally love the bottom of the layout, haha. I hope the upcoming spring helps you with coming out of your depression and I hope everything is going fine for you! I’d been wondering how you were doing. :) *hugs*

posted on January 13th 2009 at 12:04PM CST

Love the new layout you have here and the snowflake picture is breathtaking. I’m glad you are back. =)

Lisa Marie
posted on January 18th 2009 at 2:02AM CST

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been down. I’ve had my fair share of that lately and I think I’m done with it. Although it does kind of creep up on ya once in a while. Hang in there. :hugs:

Oo! I have a new website. I don’t use autumnbliss.net anymore. I’m now the owner of lisasthoughts.com. Exciting? Not really. New? Totally. Lol.

It’s been forever since we’ve talked. I miss you tons.

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