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I am so freaking tired!! It was super duper slow today at work so I am trying not to nod off.

I’m glad people enjoyed the intro to Starry Cast, I still think I should like a psycho 12 year old butttt whatever! If you have anything you want me to discuss or questions you want me to answer in future Starry Casts, let me know!

Ohh on Google if you search for ipod mini cozy I’m like #5! hahaha how awesome!

I took chubs out on his bike for over 40 minutes! We met this alone 6yr old girl on her bike, she was also wearing a bike helmet, which rocked since Daniel appeared to be the only child in the complex who wore one. Well they played and biked and she kept hitting me up for money for ice cream!! Uhh I don’t think so child I do not know. Anyway, look at the chublet!


Omgosh. My child is dancing with his Barney singing/dancing toy. *shudders*

I am glad that my AZ ticket payment thingy came today. I now need to send in a record form thingy, I’ve done it before, and mail that in, once I get my record and pay any fines for the AZ DMV itself, then I can be “all clear” in that state! Then I hope Illnois allows me to get my DL, if not then I have to take care of the Ohio crap.

My thoughts are mostly with my Ambikins though. By this time tomorrow she should be nursing a beautiful plump baby boy! I keep telling her someone better call me at work or home ASAP when ANYTHING happens! I only wish I could be there for her during all of this.

Ok well going to cook spaghetti for dinner, good times!

posted on June 7th 2005 at 6:45PM CDT

Awww he looks so cute on his bike with his little helmet.

posted on June 7th 2005 at 7:36PM CDT


I’m still fighting with myself whether to get Abby a helmet for riding in the bike trailer… I don’t think any would fit her though lol.

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