August 4th 2003 / 1 minute to read

Check out two new fanlistings!

Jimmy Kimmel

Pagan@OSN has a new layout and the clique has been updated.

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Cool fanlisting, Jimmy rocks! Also wanted to mention you have a really cool layout

Reply to Mike

Great cliques! Love this layout lol

Reply to Katie

i love this layout!!!! its so cute!!!! how did youdo all those little sparkly stars???

Reply to kat

Wow, your site’s layout is so serene and lovely…very classy, I adore it! Makes me think of those warm, summer nights when all your troubles floats away as you gaze at the stars twinkling down on you…Breathtaking ^_^ Well, enough of that.

Wow, fanlistings? I dunno what those are, but I’m going to go check it out right away. Coolness :D

And I’m having trouble sleeping too, it’s really really bad. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me, I used to just become knocked out whenever my head hits the pillow, but unfortunately, not anymore. I hope you figure it out and get some nice dreams in too!

Have a jolly good day :)
much love ~ Cary

Reply to Cary

wo0! JIMMY KIMMEL FANLISTING! i gotta join it sometime… :P

You didnt say anything about Jimmy Kimmel Live though! XD *i watch it every night* :P

Reply to Emmy

This layout is really cool, it looks “magical”

Reply to Katherine

Mmm, preeeetty layout :D Love the starryness.. or sparklyness.. and, well, how it matches the domain (duh me) anyway, *thumbs up*x2

Reply to Kat

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