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DanaB@Windows Wide Open

Fantastic color and texture in these photos–love ’em!

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isn’t nature odd sometimes? very nice.


Really cool photos!

Reply to maryanne

Really pretty, I love these photos, didn’t know twigs to do that

Reply to Damita

Beauty is everywhere if we have an eye for it.

It took me a second to realize they were twigs. At first I thought it was wire and wondered what you were making. Yeah I’m fast. ;) Great pictures!

Lynn @Mama_Says

Are those tendrils/twigs from a grape vine or another vine? Stunning photography.

Reply to Lynn @Mama_Says
Michelle Potter

I love these, such a cool “twist” in nature. ;)

Reply to Michelle Potter

I would never of thought of taking pictures of those but then I would lose out because those are some cool shots.

What a fantastic choice of photos… I always like seeing things from a different aspect and these make those vines look stunning..

The Ranting Mommy

Wow! I love the placement of focus on all of these, especially the 2nd shot. Nice captures!

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Lisa - Alterity

I tried to grow one of these trees…well, epic fail!

Reply to Lisa - Alterity

May i ask how you implemented the other participants area? i’ve been wanting to do that but have zero time for php.

Reply to Echo

I used SimplyLinked, a lot of people use Mr. Linky too.


and sorry for the self involved comment :P baby squirming in left hand while i type with right hand. Your photos are beautiful. Youve been giving me that, ‘hmm, maybe i just need a new camera’ illusion lately.

Reply to Echo

Wonderful subject and very well shot!

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