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April 1st 2001 / 4 minutes to read

Once again “dove” can’t grow up and have a BIT of dignity and leave me and my family and my friends the hell alone. GIVE UP! act your age for ONCE! I know its hard considering you’ve never done it before!
Well, if you cannot respect and bother to listen to other people’s comments to your comments here on this web site, then I’d suggest perhaps getting rid of the commenting section. I’m under another name here, because actually you are treating me better right now under ‘Dove’ than you would under my real screen name…now, would you call that mature? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t.
Posted by Dove @ 03/31/2001 10:39 PM EST
this is getting really stupid….this isn’t meant for dove’s complaining….so i do hope dove understands that and gains a little maturity and gives up her b**ching.
Posted by Spunky @ 03/31/2001 07:26 PM EST

sure dove i will listen to other peoples comments hmmmm heres one….this isn’t meant for doves complainining GEE i should listen to that huh! I know everyone has their panties in a bunch when i put in that clan wide ban on ROE at Imagine but you know what? thats NOT your palace! I don’t really give a damn if ROE *or anyone else for that matter* dislikes me! I DO NOT NEED YOU FOR VALIDATION! I know who I am where I come from what I am meant to do and unlike you I am secure in that. So please stop this or I will contact your ISP about this harrasment and I will tell people who you are if you don’t get over this PETTY and PATHETIC PALACE fight! Get over it! You instigated this and I hope you can just leave it alone because the more you act like this the more people will just look down on you. Please. Respect yourself. You can’t keep living like this. I know you aren’t currently working and that you seem to be in a depression/anger/passive agressive phase but theres medication and doctors to help you with this….maybe the answer is counsling? Really, look into your options. Theres more to life than “cartoon dolls” and how to make them. What are your life goals? How are you going to achive them? What about collage? Maybe starting at a temp agency could help you find a really nice job….maybe since you like “cartoon dolls” so much maybe graphic design. I realy hope you can take your own words and follow them as I dislike nothing more than a double standard. Please. Act your age. Be adult about this when so few people in your realm of friends are.
from now on i will delete doves comments and other rude comments as they do not have the courage to talk to me directly because they are right. i will probably 1. ignore them 2. look down on them 3. tell them to get help

now to other things this sweet person donated 4 rooms of avatars! and moon has been working like crazy to make some new avs so we can delete a crappy room of avs. I got the new issue of Victoria today *love that magazine* and it really has nice tips in this one! Like rose or lavender sugar and ice and a nice lemon sorbet just a really good issue. Its daylight savings time which threw me off and its April Fools Day today hmmm wonder if i should play any tricks? hahahah i should do something totally dorky to matt……I’m finally in the mood to learn flash so i got some programs, and i also want to learn PHP because i hear thats really good if your site has a basic format to it and you need to update a lot of pages at one time…. and they have some nifty PHP programs….Im always looking for neat CGI programs. im also downloading a ton of buffy and angel video clips and what not for an enhanced cd for my sister which i should be able to send like next week or so. I was looking at my crystals today and i was thinking that blue lace agate is really stunning. *shrugs* okay i guess i shall try my hand at flash again *claps*

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