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February 5th 2008 / 2 minutes to read

Well, obviously new design (awaits any and all praise…) which I like to think is a touch better than the green one.

I filed my taxes and was beyond shocked at the oh so glorious refund I shall be receiving in two weeks. I plan on purchasing the sigma 10-20mm lens, I want a macro lens but unsure of which one I like best although I know I want something in the 100-150mm range, the sb-600 flash, and a new camera bag, probably the Crumpler 6 million. What other photography gear would you suggest? Or what suggestions do you have for a wide angle lens and a macro lens?

I am also, finally, going to be in the market for a laptop so any and all suggestions would be nice. I fix them lol but I’ve always owned desktops so I’m not sure really what I even WANT in a laptop. Well, spec wise I do to a point… 2gb ram, AMD TL-60 or TL-64 processor, 250gb hdd, and at least a halfway decent video card. What I can’t decide on is brand or size. I know I do not want a Sony and I have issues with Toshiba. I will admit I do want something pretty which falls into the HP area and I have used HP desktops for over 10 years now. I really would appreciate any suggestions or perhaps what kind of laptop you own and what you like/dislike about it.

I also plan on giving my sister $500 to pay off one of her credit cards, $150-200 for her baby (we find out if the baby is a boy or girl tomorrow!!!), some sort of present for her fiance, and naturally all sorts of stuff for my son. Although all he seems to want is a video game.

Well, naturally, here’s a photo. Yay for glitter.


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Go for a MacBook ;)

Reply to brocc

You could always put all the money away and save it towards your moving fund :)  Love the layout!

Reply to Crys

Nice you got some extra money, I also agree with Crys that you should put some away. :)

Reply to Sarah

Great new layout. I love the one column design. I agree with the previous posters- put that money in an interest bearing account (ING Direct has the highest interest rates) and put it toward your moving fund or just save it for those emergencies that we all know will pop up.


Sadly moving fund isn’t the same as living fund. Especially in this area, her tax refund amount would last one month with starting up utilities and rent costs and moving costs and $1200 a month work income, when one bedrooms go for $800-950 a month in rent alone, certainly won’t let her truly move unless I drag her ass with me to Tucson next year when we move.

Reply to Ali

Ya but you can never start saving for that too soon.  Save up 6 months worth of living expenses, move, and use that time to get a job :)

Reply to Crys

I have an HP laptop that I bought three months ago and I’m already sending it back! Fortunately it’s not the computer, it’s Windows Vista that completely sucks!!! If you can afford it definitely go with a MAC cause that would have been my first choice; however if you go with an HP just make sure that you DO NOT get it with Windows Vista. Too many other people I know are having the same issues and absolutely hate it. As soon as I get it back I’m getting it taken off and replacing it with Windows XP until I can afford a MAC. Hope this helps :)


Your new design is lovely. It seems to glow. Love it.

I would personally buy a Mac Book. Because they are just so sleek and clean-looking. Plus, I’m so over PCs. But that’s just me.

Reply to Arielle

That’s nice of you to give ur sister money in a time of need…new design looks great btw.

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