Tired Babbling

April 6th 2004 / 1 minute to read

Why am I awake? I suppose I feel like I am wasting time by sleeping. Go figure. I mainly just played around with StarGazer and parts of my own blog.

For dinner, my sister, Matt, wee chublet, and myself, went to BD Mongolian. This time, without a migraine lol, it was much better. So nummy! I did have to inform the waitress that Daniel’s food was free because he is two years old and it states on their website that 2yrs and younger eat for free, but after that little snafu we all came home heh, then Matt, chublet, and myself… all fell asleep lol.

EVERYONE that is reading this right now, comment below. Whether you have been here before or not, whether you comment frequently or not. A lot of new people have been linking me lately, and yet, I never knew these people existed because they have never contacted me or commented. COMMENT! If you have me linked, let me know so I can link you back :)

I guess I am going to make an attempt at sleep now :)

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Angel Whispers

I read, too.  Yep, yep… I do.

Reply to Angel Whispers

I read, I comment and I link :) … and now, I’m going to sleep!

Reply to Barb

Psh, do you even need to know ;)

Reply to Crys

Hey girlie:O) Long time no talk:O) Glad to hear everything is going good for you, been reading you every chance I get, being a bad commenter though:O( Sorry bout that:o/ Have a great week!

Reply to Leslie

….booga booga?

Reply to Melissa

michelle was here…

Reply to Michelle

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