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Newish layout.

About the job stuff below, it isn’t that I do not like my job. It was never about the duties in my job description. It is about the way I am treated by the other employees. That is what I am having issues with so yeah again, not about the job itself but about the other employees.

They called me today asking if I could come in earlier tomorrow, I work at 11a, the mall does not even open until 10a… so why would I need to come in earlier than that?? Besides it is up to my father, the person that takes me to and from work and watches Daniel, so I am keeping the original scheduled time.

posted on November 12th 2003 at 11:31PM CST

Ooooh I adore this layout. Very very lovely

posted on November 13th 2003 at 1:35AM CST

*faints* I love the colors, honestly. You have such a great sense of…color? Well, however you say that, it’s true. It’s gorgeous.

posted on November 13th 2003 at 2:48PM CST

Ew. Job. Work. That will come to me soon… I hope when I get older I’ll work with computers, so I work alone…I’m better at it :D Your layout is gorgeous!!

posted on November 13th 2003 at 3:18PM CST

loooove the new layout!  looks great.

posted on November 13th 2003 at 3:45PM CST

Lovely new layout!  It makes me think of the time where autumn meets winter.  Hehe…

Oh..my mother is going through the same thing at her work…yet it’s more discrimination.  The company she works for is run by three men, and she works three times as hard as they ever will. And because she is a woman they do not recognize that.  Now, if she was an older white male…then they would probably take recognition and maybe pay her a little bit more than they do.  Bah..sorry..random ranting.

posted on November 14th 2003 at 12:25AM CST

I love your layout! It’s so beautiful and elegant. Amazing.

Sorry about the job. Even the greatest job can be ruined by coworkers.

posted on November 14th 2003 at 12:18PM CST

Lovin’ the layout! =) It’s great! take care!

posted on November 14th 2003 at 2:33PM CST

Hi, I just happened upon your site via pick-me.net. Anyway, This layout is beautiful! I love the colors you used and the star effect. It’s all very lovely.

posted on November 14th 2003 at 6:28PM CST

This is a great layout! It’s so original. I love your site!

posted on November 15th 2003 at 9:10PM CST

This is a LOVELY layout, well done to you!

posted on November 16th 2003 at 12:07AM CST

Aww…lol, everyone i know complains about their job. I’d love to have one though:(

sarah :]
posted on November 16th 2003 at 2:02AM CST

Hey hi :]

^.^ I love the new layout girl!?really really pretty! Well done! You have been bookmarked! I?ll be back here again! Take care!

posted on November 16th 2003 at 7:41AM CST

I just love your site name ‘one starry night’ it makes you thing of magic and fairytales, nice layout too. xx

posted on November 16th 2003 at 5:27PM CST

Hey girl.  Loving the new layout… very fallish.  ;)  Sorry to hear about the qualms with your co-workers… that is always tough.  :(  I know that if I weren’t for my co-workers, I wouldn’t be at my job today.  So it’s kind of the oppposite problem of yours… but I totally understand.  Hope that it’s going all right.

posted on November 17th 2003 at 2:07AM CST

I love the newishness. It’s pretty. :) Good job on wanting to keep to the original name. Haha. But I wouldn’t do that though. I get paranoid. I wouldn’t wanna lose my job cuz employers here are awful. :(

posted on November 17th 2003 at 12:17PM CST

Wow… I love this layout. :)

posted on November 18th 2003 at 6:11PM CST

I love the new layout! Good job!

posted on November 18th 2003 at 10:26PM CST

I thought I commented, but I guess I didn’t (I’m horrible at it).  Love the new layout hon, and I owe you (when I’m able) for all the work you’ve been helping with.

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