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Hey all, Ambie again!

Sarah couldn’t get access to her’s father’s computer but had a few things to tell everyone so she asked me to post them!:)

1)She contracted pink eye.  Her twin has it and now so does she.  No fun.

2)Daniel peed in the potty for the first time tonight!

Well that’s all for now all!  Hope you all are doing well!

Angel Whispers
posted on February 23rd 2004 at 4:47AM CST

Yay Chublet cuteness!  You da baby!  :o)
Hope you feel better soon, Sarah and get back online soon!  We miss ya!

posted on February 23rd 2004 at 10:26AM CST

Wow the P’s have taken over.  Potty Pee GREAT!  Pink eye, BAD. 

Few drops of medication and it’ll all will be right in the world again, as far as the eyes go anyway.  That pink eye stuff is SO contageous!

Hurry back wizardress!

posted on February 23rd 2004 at 11:13AM CST

Bah, I always seem to contract pink eye.  It’s horrible.
Hooray for potty training!

posted on February 27th 2004 at 6:28AM CST

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