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I see OSN is empty lol, well, I should have my connection back by the end of next week! Finally right heh. I am on my sister’s computer right now. She also said I could use her AOL on my computer while she is at work, so I thought that was very lovely of her to do that for me. So if there is anything anyone needs for me to do for them, email me now so I can get started!

On some other news, it looks like Matt will be moving back in with me as early as next week.

Well I am going to change the sheets on my bed and go get ready to go pick up my paycheck (which will be pathetic no doubt). I miss everyone so much!

posted on March 5th 2004 at 4:35PM CST

Sounds like things are going quite well. I’m so glad to hear it.  Will see you real soon! :o)

Angel Whispers
posted on March 6th 2004 at 11:43AM CST

Glad to hear things are going well for you.  It’ll be good to have you back!  I’m getting a new blog ready now so I can finally get rid of my holiday one!!  haha *feeling rather embarrassed*

Hope things continue to go well for you and Matt and the chublet.

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