October 16th 2003 / 2 minutes to read

while sarah’s away i will play! i’m one of the lucky few sarah asked to babysit onestarrynight. so, i’m updating everyone in cyberland. i woke sarah up this morning on the phone. poor thing couldn’t speak at first. 8am is like the middle of the night for her. she was just making sounds at first it was funny. i teased and mocked her . and when she did wake up it was funny to listen to her trying to remember what to bring. “i’ve got the stroller, sippy cups and wipes for the baby. what am i forgetting?” i had to laugh when i said “diapers?” and she said “oh yeah!” i told you 8am is like the middle of the night for her! poor thing. anyway, with lots of “are you ready yet?” and “the car seat is right here!” sarah and her sister were on their way. they were so, cute. and while they were packing stuff in the car and checking for the last few things i could hear daniel running up and down the hall to the front door laughing and giggling. that boy is so, cute. anyway, my kitties i have to start my potato soup for dinner before my son decides to eat the entire box of graham crackers. there are other guests who are babysitting onestarrynight so, check back and see if anyone else updates here. and for some reason i feel it’s my duty to encourage people to visit wisdom and join and post like crazy. i know sarah would love you forever if you did! anyway, it’s time to peel potatoes! and don’t forget tomorrow is sarah’s birthday! feel free to send her an e-card i’m sure she’ll love you for that too! now to the potatoes .

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Mary, you’re so cute. :)

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