Hi, OSN girls and guests.
I am also one of the chosen few who was given access to Sarah’s personal site so I best add my two cents.  Like Mary said, today is our lovely webmistress’s birthday. She hasn’t been too happy about this day as of late. Personally, I think (and I may be wrong here, I’ve been wrong before) it’s because the one person she’d like more than anyone else to acknowledge it probably wont. I think it’s because he’s an inconsiderate knob (speaking only for myself) but then there aren’t many men who don’t fall into that category (they don’t call me the Jaded Babe for nothing) which is why we have each other.

So girls and guests, let’s not forget Sarah on her birthday. I challenge every single person who visits this site to send her positive energies and a birthday greeting! Let’s let her know how much she’s loved!

from me to you,

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posted on October 17th 2003 at 6:13AM CST

Happy Happy Birthday!
Sending the best birthday wishes!!


posted on October 17th 2003 at 6:24AM CST

Happy birthday :)

Angel Whispers
posted on October 17th 2003 at 3:07PM CST

Sarah, I hope your birthday is as special as you are to so many people!  Enjoy your special day.  So glad you’re getting a chance to see your mom, too. :o)

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