April 8th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I have a webcam (had it over a year now) and everything, I wonder if I should have a live ‘cam’ or not. Sometimes I want to, not like the kinky kind heh, but ehhh low self esteem keeps me from doing it. I should do a Daniel cam hahaha.

I am babbling I know.

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I gave up my web cam a while ago.  I felt too exposed!

Reply to Barb

I don’t know how I feel about webcams … I have one but for the most part I’m posting pictures of random objects or one of my cats if they happen to be unfortunate enough to wander into the shot ;) Anyway, lovely, lovely site.

Reply to natasha

I have had a webcam for awhile now, 2 years I believe, and I don’t feel exposed. I only take pictures when I want to, I never take butt or boobie shots *never will*, and I get to use my humour with my cam pics as well…it gives you a way of being goofy as well as taking pretty pics.

I’m sure there are a few ppl who are curious as to what you look like, me included. You don’t have to join cam portals if you don’t want *because cam portals usually ask you to change your cam pic every week or 2*…but this is totally your decision.

Reply to Tess

It’s up to you, but I would like to see what you look like :)

Reply to Sarah

i think you should do a baby cam.  :)  my kids are on my cam way more often than i am!

Reply to michelle

o0o0o,you might get a stalker dont know whos watching.

Reply to miako

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