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Okey my day yesterday started when I got up to pee aroud 5am…no surprise there…so allalala comes around 9am so Matt and I go to Old Country Buffet to try out their breakfast buffet. We go to our table and the server/cleaner table person comes up and goes “when are you due” so I tell her then she GRABS my belly and SHAKES it! Then proceeds to stalk me as Matt and I try to go get food asking all kinds of questions so finally she goes “YOU BETTER GO FEED THAT BABY!” so then we go to Bath n Body works to use the $25 gift certificate. Then we go get Matt’s hair cut and it looks SO good and it makes him look SO studly So then we go to Babies R Us to price a crib and car seat n stuff. THEN we go to Shirley’s house and I taught her how to use her new computer heh and THEN we went to Olive Garden! NUMMY GOODNESS! Then we came back home and I passed out around 6pm heh what a day. Now I am gonna go back to bed! OH also I fixed the darn sendmail path for everything so NOW comments work properly among everything else ! *hint hint COMMENT MY LITTLE LOVES* okey off to bed now !