My son took his first steps tonight. Three steps to be exact. He is a few days shy of being 15 months old. I am happy and yet sad about this, for a million reasons.

My little boy is growing up.

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posted on April 5th 2003 at 7:38PM CDT

Oh, that’s so wonderful yet a little sad. But congrats, it’s such an amazing thing to be able to witness. I’m so proud of you both. :)

posted on April 5th 2003 at 8:21PM CDT

Cherish every single moment.  Seems like just yesterday that my (now 15 year old) son took HIS first steps!  Isnt life amazing??!  And you made his!! :) Congrats!

Angel Whispers
posted on April 5th 2003 at 8:21PM CDT

Awwwww Sarah, I can understand the mixed emotions.  Congrats to you, Chubs!  Walk right to your mommy and give her a great big hug for all of us, okay!? :o)

posted on April 5th 2003 at 9:43PM CDT

CONGRATULATIONS! and welcome to the world of toddler! you’re going to have so, much fun chasing him down while he runs away laughing holding pens he’s not supposed to hold. i just love watching toddlers walk faster and faster until they’re running and then they fall down on their butts it’s so, cute to see them get all charged up! and that son of yours is one cute baby!

posted on April 5th 2003 at 9:49PM CDT

Awe Sarah, enjoy the moment best you can, next thing you know they are walking out the door!  Another bittersweet moment!

posted on April 6th 2003 at 1:14AM CDT

seamus has this message to chubs: welcome to walking!  it gets more fun at this point—next you can climb and get into all kinds of stuff your mom doesn’t want you to have!  all the best things in life are on top of desks!!

posted on April 6th 2003 at 3:16AM CDT

Aww, must have been lovely to witness it :)

posted on April 6th 2003 at 3:34AM CDT

Nothing more thrilling than seeing your baby starting to walk…but soon they run you rampid! lol

It’s nice to see that you are enjoying the perks of being a parent :)

posted on April 6th 2003 at 3:35AM CDT

rapid=rampent…sorry for the typo, but it is 5:30-ish in the morning so I’ m hoping you’ll take that into consideration :P

posted on April 6th 2003 at 3:35AM CDT

rampant!! Oh ignore me…I’m going to bed.

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