A Very Unique Day

February 11th 2007 / 7 minutes to read

Friday, I paid off both credit cards, car payment, phone bill, vehicle sticker, and village of Mount Prospect vehicle sticker.

Yesterday started off like any other day, dragging myself out of bed, getting cleaned up and dressed, making sure Danny is clean and dressed… if only I had known how utterly unique my day was going to be…

We headed off to go get fitted for contact lenses, I made the large mistake of wearing glittery eye makeup. After a bit of struggle I managed to bitch smack the contacts into submission on my eyes, when the woman ophthalmologist tested my vision while wearing the contacts, I told her the right eye was very blurry and she responded with, “No, you’re ok to drive, it’s fine”. It wasn’t fine. I noticed that while yes, I could drive, I had a sense of blurry vision that bothered me. Later on I closed my left eye just to see out of my right, sure enough, utterly blurry. I was (still am) furious and called the office back, only to be told I would have to come in at 1pm Sunday (today) to see a different doctor in a different location. Not happy.

After getting the contacts fitted, we drove up to Gurnee so we could shop while we waited for my sister to get off of work (she’s an assistant manager up there). I bought Daniel a Power Ranger toy set which he adores, for myself I bought a shirt, jeans, and thin coat, then shampoo and conditioner at bath and body works, because you seriously can’t beat outlet retail prices. After she clocked out, we then bought me some new shoes for working out and some t-shirts for Daniel (Power Ranger of course).

We then headed back home (it’s a 45 min drive or so), we stopped at a gas station so she could fill her car up and to let me remove my contacts that were just being evil because of the right eye being incorrect. Once we made it home we hurried and went to the Rec Plex to renew our memberships. Later on when checking my bank account online, I saw he charged me for 3 accounts instead of 2. I went back this morning and spent 30 minutes going over it, with print outs of everything of course, and he said there is no way he ran it three times and to call tomorrow morning to talk to his manager. I am not happy about this either.

So after renewing at the Rec Plex, we went to Qdoba (yum yum!) for dinner. We then went to Best Buy to bring my sister’s fiance a burrito and I then purchased an iPod Nano and armband for working out because my regular video iPod does not do well because it’s a hard drive, with all the prancing around. I also purchased a pre-paid cell phone through Verizon, my sister and her fiance have their phones through that company so whenever we call each other’s cell phones, it’s totally free which is nice. I have no one to talk to though really, anyone have Verizon cell service? Call me… naughty things… *winks*

After eating our super tasty dinner, we treked over to the shoe store where I bought Daniel new shoes and a Power Ranger umbrella. He loves his umbrella. Then we pranced over to the glory that is Ikea. I ended up buying a new garlic press, silverware drawer thingy, hangers for Daniel’s clothes… and oh yeah… a new desk and bed frame! My sister also purchased a bed frame. Now mind you I have a pert Scion xA car. We dropped Daniel off at home with my father, and then my sister and I, in below 0 temperatures, tied all of the bed and desk stuff to the roof of my car, managed to drag my stuff into my apartment, and drag her stuff up three flights of stairs. It was seriously like a Biggest Loser challenge.

After we did all of this heavy lifting, running up and down flights of stairs, learning to hate twine, we then decided to go to Meijer to get a few groceries and such. On the way there, mine you, it’s past 11pm, barely anyone is on the road. We are in the left hand lane going west bound when a car that was going east bound, jumped the median and headed straight for us. My sister only had to say my name and I swung the wheel to the right automatically, just barely avoiding a head on collision. We were both shaking and just beyond thankful we did not have my son in the car with us.

We then got to the store, did our shopping, and came home. I got an intense migraine, took some meds, tried to sleep, woke up on and off all night from the pain. Finally got up at 8am, took more meds, got cleaned up and dressed, and went over to my sister’s apartment this morning. I had an english muffin to try and settle my stomach. 

I then dealt with the Rec Plex stuff that I wrote above, so I am pissy that I have to call and deal with it again tomorrow, I also have to leave in ehh about an hour and a half to go deal with the contact lens crap. I also have to do our grocery shopping and laundry. Fun.

Right now, although I still feel really sick to my stomach, most of the head pain is gone. Danny is still sleeping. I’m just sitting here, still reeling from yesterday.

I just noticed my flickr account will expire in 6 days. I don’t have the funds allotted for that. Which sucks. Oh well.

I think I’m going to read my new Martha Stewart Living and Glamour magazines for a bit.


After getting utterly lost, I finally got the contact lens situation taken care of. I haven’t bought a supply yet because I want to make sure that I even like wearing contacts, that these are the proper strength, and that I can take care of them easily.

Talked to the Rec Plex manager and basically their credit card processor shows the 3rd swipe, that it wasn’t a complete transaction, and that the funds should be given back to me no later than the 14th. This is after being told I was wrong by two people, that it had to have been an error on my bank’s part… only to find out

ETA Again

After finding out I was missing an entire box from Ikea for the desk, going back to Ikea, staying up until 1am, I finally got it put together, even though it’s still missing a tiny piece of white wood… rawr. I shall tackle the bed frame tonight perhaps.

Oh, and I am so not in love with the snow right now and the lack of snow plows and salt. The roads around here are fucking dangerous and I hate driving when the snow is trying to make my car kill me.

Sunday, the 11th, would have been my 8 year anniversary with my ex (you know, the evil abusive ass who sadly is my son’s biological sperm donor?). God. I am so glad that is over and done with.

I think I am going to eat a kiwi.

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Goodness – I’m exhausted just *reading* about your day yesterday!  I hope today goes more smoothly with the contacts and your migraine leaves you today.

Reply to Ethel

Chaotic .. At least you compensated with kiwis!

Reply to Sabrina

Those sorts of days are the kind where you just want to get home and take a nice, long, and relaxing bath.  Yummy food is wonderful, as well.

Reply to Melanie

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