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It is Christmas Eve. Yay.

I obviously have not been posting perkyiness. I suppose all of my fustration has caught up with me. It’s REALLY sad when after many emails and instant messages even, your hostees do not reply. I zipped up all of their stuff. Just wonder if I should email them their zipped files and delete them or what? I wonder if Morgan’s idea of turning my hosting into mostly invitation only would be better? I honestly think a huge problem was the age difference. Here I am 20 years old, 37 weeks pregnant, about to be married, I mean I don’t think many 13 year olds have ANYTHING in common with that. Also, I wonder if I am being too picky about having people make their own graphics? Any suggestions?

Anyways, I want to perhaps come up with a different layout for my after holiday layout but not sure what. I seem to have layout block hehe.

Still trying to find more information about cloth diapers, we have pretty much agreed to try both cloth and disposable for the first month. Heh anyone wanna buy us some cloth diapers? Booties? Anything for the baby? *sigh* I just worry that we are unprepared, I mean, it’s hard when you are doing this with NO help unlike normal families and what not who have well friends, family, baby showers, etc. I’m not that lucky.Ah well. Trying to get perky.

It snowed today! Didn’t stick to the ground but STILL!! Heh I bet I will be giving birth in a huge snowstorm with my luck ahhahahaa. This Friday is my first appointment with my new OB. I hope she’s nice and all goes well. I would really like to find out the babys position!!!!

On the plus side there really hasn’t been anything BAD going on. I mean no fighting, no problems really, so my online life seems pretty calm, if albeit a tad dull sometimes hehe. Well I suppose I will browse some sites and then go to bed unless something perky and interesting happens online!