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I was in a car accident today. My car is oddly enough ok for the most part. Just a dent above the rear tire and that hubcap is carved into, and a tire that is flat (nothing like driving on a spare for days!).

I hurt like hell though.

eta Come to find out the guy didn’t even file a claim so I had to spend two hours on the phone with his insurance, my insurance, just trying to get this situated!! Not to mention the hellish back pain. I can’t sleep really because of it. I am really not happy driving on my spare especially since I get conflicting answers on how long I can drive on the thing. Supposedly an adjuster will come out to look at my car Wednesday or Thursday… possibly… as I was told. Yeah. Fantastic.

posted on March 1st 2008 at 12:02AM CST

Ouch, I’m sorry to hear. I hope you feel better soon and don’t have any longterm pain. :-

posted on March 1st 2008 at 12:41AM CST

Yikes! Glad you’re ok. Go soak in a nice hot tub and get some rest.

posted on March 1st 2008 at 2:56AM CST

Glad you’re okay, I’ve been in a few car accidents and they are insanely scary; to the point where I am 21 years old and can’t get a driver’s license because I freak out behind the wheel.

posted on March 1st 2008 at 9:12AM CST

aww noes, hope you feel better soon hun.

Lisa Marie
posted on March 1st 2008 at 11:25AM CST

I’m so sorry, Sarah. I’m glad you’re ok though.

You should go to see a doctor if you haven’t already. Just to be on the safe side.

Rest up. Ok?

posted on March 1st 2008 at 4:19PM CST

Oh, that must be awful. At least your car wasn’t totaled.

Feel better!

posted on March 2nd 2008 at 8:14AM CST

Goodness me! Weren’t you in a car accident a while ago also? I’m so glad I don’t drive.

posted on March 3rd 2008 at 1:42AM CST

another one???!!!
are you a crappy driver….or unlucky?
glad to hear you’re o.k
let me know if you want me to walk on your back.

posted on March 3rd 2008 at 11:07PM CST

Oh hon i’m so sorry! I’m glad you’re okay though and it wasn’t as serious as last time *huggles*

posted on March 4th 2008 at 7:59AM CST

Sorry to hear this, I’m glad you’re ok, hope your back isn’t serious.

posted on March 4th 2008 at 10:19AM CST

I’m sorry about the accident, I’m glad that (for the most part) you are okay.  I hope everything gets worked out with your car soon!

posted on March 4th 2008 at 10:53AM CST

Aw, that sucks! I’m glad you’re okay except for the pain (which means you’re not really okay, but you get it). Hope everything gets situated with the insurance. I know how much of a pain it can be.

posted on March 4th 2008 at 1:28PM CST

Eek. Good luck, Sarah. Be sure to have a mechanic check out your car too, because there could be other damages that aren’t easily visible.

And dealing with insurance/warranty people is a pain in the ass. My only advice is to write down their name, numbers, and what they said each time you talked to them (and the time). Documentation is the best way to make sure you don’t get screwed over.

And get your back checked out too. ;)