Last night I made chili in the crockpot and as an side, made these awesome chili cheese muffins from a recipe Martyn sent me!! I will totally have to make those again!



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posted on April 17th 2005 at 4:20PM CST

omg omg omg that looks soo good, I should know cause I am like starving right now lol

posted on April 17th 2005 at 5:45PM CST

Would you email me the recipe, looks awesome.

posted on April 18th 2005 at 1:56AM CST

Glad you liked the muffins. :)

posted on April 18th 2005 at 3:19PM CST

Ooh, looks yummy! I love muffins, especially chocolate ones, heheh. :)

posted on April 18th 2005 at 8:53PM CST

That looks YUMMY! If I have a late night snack tonight it’s your fault. :P

posted on April 19th 2005 at 8:44AM CST

Looks like the next recipe may be popular then – Spicy Choc Muffins, or I may work on Spicy Choc Brownies for a change.

Any prefs?

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