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I have realised that everyone thinks, or at the very least had a fleeting thought, that I’m pregnant because uhhh I used the word “pregnant” in my last entry. I am not pregnant.

*points, laughs, and mocks you all*

Poor chub chub’s leg is slowly healing, I still feel bad for him!

Work is torn between awesome and drama. Lots of drama. Drives me insane. Not to mention rude customers.

Oh and yeah new layout.

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posted on April 23rd 2005 at 3:22AM CDT

Sarah you are a pain! Albeit in the nicest possible way… :)

I’ve been struggling with deciding on and designing a layout for EE since Feb, whilst you keep changing from one great design to another! Arrghhh!! :ahhh:

Add to that you talent with a camera and I’m a shade of green similar to your comment boxes! ;-)

…and all whilst holding down a job and raising “chub’s” – credit to you girl, you are an inspiration and should be proud of yourself!  :-)

posted on April 24th 2005 at 1:02AM CDT

And once again, I bow down to the queen of layouts ^__^

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