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Well our heat in the apartment is broken. The maintence guy just showed up finally. I bundled Daniel up in his winter coat to keep him warm but this cold is starting to give me a migraine ugh.

I totally want a foodsaver vacuum thingy now (I watched the infomercial hehe) so I can have hands free quality vacuum sealing!

I am going to try, if anyone wants, to do a podcast this weekend.

Go join Healthy!

I bought Mr. & Mrs. Smith last night, I normally do not buy dvd’s but I did enjoy this movie although I might have enjoyed it a bit more if I wasn’t so bitterly COLD last night.

I have no clue what to make for dinner yet, I have turkey italian sausages, ground turkey, and turkey tenderloins. Yay for turkey!

posted on December 4th 2005 at 4:35AM CST

That’s a lot of turkey. :S

posted on December 4th 2005 at 9:14PM CST

Wow, I cant imagine not having heat. It’s snowing outside here and freezing… I love my blankets and sweaters!

Infomercial items, there are some that I want to buy, but just hav’nt gotten the time or the money to actually purchase them.

I dot know what I am going to make for Dinner…. perhaps just some soup and a grilled cheese. Though turkey does sound nice.

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