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Feel Good Music

What is are the songs that makes you feel just so… like YEAH I can make it through anything! That make you feel all warm and perky within?

For me, at the moment, it is:

Cake – I will survive (for some odd his voice makes it so very much better)
Rascalz ft Shawn Desman – Movie Star remix (the beat, Shawn, I swoon)

Oh yes, I expect everyone to tell me their songs! Don’t make me have a temper tantrum, stamp my foot, and never post anything ever AGAIN! BWAHAHA!

*cough* yeah ahem, so go forth and comment wee ones!

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posted on May 24th 2003 at 12:42AM CDT

I have two:
“Thankyou” by The Whitlams
“I Will Not Go Quietly” by The Whitlams

posted on May 24th 2003 at 12:02PM CDT

Anything by DMB. Especially “Lie In Our Graves”, “Best of What’s Around”, “Tripping Billies (Live @ Red Rocks version” and “You Never Know.”

Counting Crows, “American Girls”
Dixie Chicks, “Wide Open Spaces”
String Cheese Incident, “Little Hands”
Jason Mraz, “Galaxy”
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, “Stomping Grounds”

Erm. *blush* That’s it for now.

posted on May 24th 2003 at 1:41PM CDT

At the moment—
Click, Click Boom by Saliva and
Caught In The Rain by Revis. Oh yea and Stupid Girl by Cold. lol
Normally anything Godsmack will also get me going & peppy.

posted on May 24th 2003 at 8:57PM CDT

Basket Case – Greenday (don’t ask.. lol)
and Fighter – Christina Aguliera

i’m weird i know.. hehe, nice site by the way :D

posted on June 3rd 2003 at 5:13AM CDT

mine is
chesney hawks ‘one and only’
marvin gaye ‘aint no mountain’

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