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It’s so cold, “feels like” 2 degrees ick.

Yesterday I got Daniel a haircut (finally) and we (my sister, her boyfriend, and my son) all went to Applebee’s because I wanted to try their Weight Watchers menu, the food itself (I got the shrimp & steak skewers) was very tasty but the service was lacking majorly. The waiter messed up my my sister’s order then tried to TELL her what she ordered (he brought a shrimp dish and she doesn’t eat any seafood) then they never refilled any of our beverages, and then on the reciept tried to charge us for the meal we sent back (the one that was improperly brought to our table), it was insane! We are going to see if there is another Applebee’s in our area but the one at Randhurst mall just has the worst service.

I am going to see if I can’t go to the store after work because I am already out of fruit and I depend on my fruity goodness!

Last chance to exchange holiday cards!

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