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Early Springish Photos

Because I can’t really write about my family (like siblings/parents/etc) or how much our life sucks right now (because I’ll end up crying if I do, I did put it on my fb fan page though), here are MORE PHOTOS!!!

Exciting hardcore. Shot all of these at the local park.

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posted on March 15th 2011 at 6:33PM CDT

I love them all! It seems like yesterday you were talking about how much snow you were getting and now things are starting to sprout out of the ground again! I especially like the 4th shot. The DOF is incredible, and the background colours are beautiful

posted on March 15th 2011 at 11:10PM CDT

Thank you! The 4th photo was shot looking down into the pond area of the park so it made for some awesome bokehy-colorfulness lol..

posted on March 15th 2011 at 6:52PM CDT

I’m very sorry that your life is sucking. What a gift, then, that even now you are able to look at the world with such an eye. Thank you for sharing your sights of early spring! (And as for me, at last at last at last I saw crocuses today!)

posted on March 15th 2011 at 11:11PM CDT

Awwww thank you!

posted on March 15th 2011 at 9:14PM CDT

So sorry to hear about life sucking for you right now. :-( And I know how hard it is when you WANT to blog something but can’t or won’t, for various reasons.

With that being said, I should also add that these photos are filling me with lots of hope for spring. It’s so funny–at the end of each winter, I know that spring is coming, but sometimes it’s hard to believe that the cold and grey will ever actually end.

Until I see those first shoots of green.

posted on March 15th 2011 at 11:12PM CDT

Oh yes, I feel the need to get it all out, to vent, but I can’t handle anymore negative stuff right now (like a backlash or something).

Oh tomorrow is supposed to be AWESOME weather wise, I’m hoping we go to the park or maybe the botanic garden.

posted on March 16th 2011 at 3:29AM CDT

Lovely sign of springs, they should perk you right up. I am really looking forward to seeing my flowers and gardens. Life does suck sometimes but not for long.

posted on March 16th 2011 at 4:27PM CDT

Well right now we just have a lot on our plate and it sucks having to depend on OTHER people, OTHER companies, to make decisions. I hate not having control heh.

posted on March 16th 2011 at 7:05AM CDT

How beautiful!

posted on March 16th 2011 at 4:27PM CDT

Aww thank you!

posted on March 16th 2011 at 9:23AM CDT

Such great bokeh and composition. Not to mention, such a great subject matter. We’re still melting out from under all the snow, so it makes me incredibly jealous. Happy WW!

posted on March 16th 2011 at 4:29PM CDT

Thank you so much! We most likely will still get a couple more snow days between now and mid-April but it helps seeing all the little buds and shoots coming up.

posted on March 16th 2011 at 11:16AM CDT

I love these images. very very nice. and I like your blog too. happy WW, and have a really great day.

posted on March 16th 2011 at 4:29PM CDT

Thank you so much Becky!

posted on March 16th 2011 at 12:00PM CDT

Gorgeous photos. There’s something special about March and our thirst for signs of the sunny and warmer days to come. I especially like the photo of the ornamental grass and the last couple with the beautiful blue and brown tones.

posted on March 16th 2011 at 4:42PM CDT

Thank you!! It’s been a hard winter with the blizzard so having this peek of Spring has been amazing for my emotional state lol.

posted on March 16th 2011 at 6:22PM CDT

Beautiful photos! I hope things get better with your family soon and everything is okay!

posted on March 17th 2011 at 4:27PM CDT

Thank you!

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