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Well, I finally got the damn postcard thing working for LJS the Mystery so yay me yay me, i will add more images if I get some good feedback. I dunno why I am still up I guess I just wanted to get that done and what not. matts passed out and it just looks like a good idea to sleep hahahaha OH OH I was so excited! at Google.com we are listed! I slapped in LJS The Mystery and SpunkySprite.com for 2 different thingys and there we were! I have to thank Lament for making me add our site! Each day I get more and more attached to my Sprite@spunkysprite.com email addy! I am watching some past ScreenSavers episodes from TechTv I *so* adore Leo *purrrrrrr* and Patrick is simply awesome! well I am going to see if I can get matt to scoot over so I can pass out!

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