April 8th 2001 / 2 minutes to read

Hmmm…I just read some of your earlier entries and some of Doves comments. You mentioned getting to know you first hand. Well, ever since I got palace I have been told how horrible you are. I was told what you did the last time you were in Elven, and what you planned to do this time. But I never did meet you really. I was filled with the opinions of your haters, and I just believed it. But I think I should get to know you better, so I can make my own opinions, instead of just listening to everyone else. I know that you really dislike me, but when I reveal myself to you,(and I will, just give me some time.) maybe we could start over. =)
Posted by DeeP iN THouGHT @ 04/08/2001 11:02 AM EST

Hate is such a relative term. I would advise that “hearing” about things and witnessing first hand are very different. I have to ask WHY do people “hate” me so much? Its kind of interesting from my perspective simply because to have that emotion they on some level, are jealous. also it idolizes me in a way. I do have to admit I am sick of people not telling me who they are. I don’t have TIME for silly games. If you do not want to be serious then please, do not bother me as I do not need to waste my energy going no im not evil no i didn’t do that or that or THAT. Ethier come to me straight on or don’t bother because it only pisses me off and most people don’t like me pissed.

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