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Dude there are even MORE evil people out there! Matt called two different offices, the first BITCHED HIM OUT because we left evil ob! Saying how we were too young to know how wrong we were and how we are hurting our child etc, soooooooo he calls the second one and after a seemingly understanding receptionist, they call back “sorry she is too much of a risk with that blood pressure”. It’s like HELLO we didn’t want to CHANGE Ob’s again we just wanted to be SEEN today because of the swelling and what not going on. Geez. People assume so much. Not to mention once they heard my age (20 yrs old) all of a sudden their demenor changed. Geez. I mean I really, so far, LOVE the new OB’s office, I just don’t want to have to go to the hospital *as per first evil office suggestion* every week for a “visit”.

ANYWAYS, back to perkiness! ANOTHER member for the I Respect My Host clique! Makes me mucho perky.

Hahhaa I already want a new layout for the main part of the site! I just don’t know WHAT at the moment, ah well something will come to me.

Perky perky perky perky perky perky perky perky perky!!!!

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