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I know I know… another pink flower with water droplets… well to that I say… nibtastic!

Tomorrow is going to be such a hectic day. Not only will it have the normal Friday crazyness but it’s payday and the last day at work before Christmas. I’m pretty sure my boss is going to order pizza and have a nice lunch of it which will be nice. I then not only have to go do the bank stuff (oh yeah, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow too!) but haul myself to the store to get the present I want to get for my son! All during rush hour traffic. Can not wait!

Tonight I was so pleased to see that I was featured on Official Zooomr Blog! As I was telling Heather, not only is it a photo I shot, but it’s a photo of me personally! Also photography related, I am excited that the new episode of the Scoble Show is out! It’s Photowalking #4: shooting Polaroid with Flickr’s Heather Champ, and I am in love with the photowalking series so make sure to check them all out! Make sure to give me your input about photographing strangers.

If you use Expression Engine, make sure to check out Jambor-ee which is an EE online magazine!

Lastly, I have the urge to do something drastic but I don’t know what. I partially want to get my tongue pierced ever since I got my twin sister to pierce hers. Or… something else that is drastic but that isn’t a tattoo basically. I don’t know. I always get this way. Wanting to change and such. My inner drama queen. Apparently, I was wrong to feel this way.

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posted on December 22nd 2006 at 1:11PM CST

Just for reference you didn’t GET me to pierce it, you went with me to get it pierced.  And you don’t have $80 to throw away on just a piercing..dye your hair again or put in some highlights.