More Happy Birthday wishes!

October 17th 2003 / 1 minute to read

Another guest star making her mark….

What can I say about our beloved Sarikins.  She’s a terrific mommy, a goddess, a survivor.  She’s seen way more than her share of bull-**** for her age, and she’s stuck with it and taken the pitfall that have come her way with more grace and dignity than I know I could ever.  She’s simply amazing!

Sarah, we honor you on your birthday.  22 twisty-turny years.  8(?) of which I’ve known you.  We have the bond of sisterhood that noone will ever break.  I love you very much and am thankful to the gods and goddesses that I have such a wonderful spirit as yourself in my life.  May this day be filled with joy and love for you.

And for evryone who isn’t Sarah… what are ya still doing reading this ? (I’m totally just kidding )  Send Sarah and e-card, an e-mail, shower her with love because she rocks!  And just as soon as I find the number where she’s staying at….. I’m gonna call her.

Now, off to your birthday greetings everyone!!!

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Happy Birthday Sarah! Late as it may be, I didn’t forget about ya!! Even though things have been not so great on your end, I hope today brings you much joy and peace:O) Your a wonderful person and deserve a fantastic birthday! {{{hugs}}}

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