I updated OSN and more…

June 24th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

Pagan @ OSN is updated as are the Reviews and Acquire and Pagan Voice is doing well but needs more bloggers!!
Chubs is asleep on Matt who was kinda forced to take the night off because the electricity kept going out and no lights with a 5 month old just is not good!
I am hyper and no clue why and most everyone is offline! I taught Jenn how to skin hahaha which was fun, she is a quick learner and I talked to Morgan for a bit.
I gave Jeanie permission to use some of the herbal information from Pagan @ OSN on her group blog.
Hmmm, not sure what to say. Matt has tomorrow off so I plan on cleaning. Even though it will be in the mid 90s as it was today. It is not so bad at night…but during the day well….I feel bad for chubs because we have no a/c. I can only hope it will cool down soon.
I planted some oregano and it is doing wonderfully! I will have to take some pictures of it.
Plugging Crystal just because I can!
Wisdom has actually picked up somewhat which is awesome, stop by and join if you haven’t already!
I am still looking for hostees.
Blah, I have nothing of interest to say tonight.

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