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I have cramps not sure if its pms or what the other night i had this EXTREME pain in my left ovary area that last for a min then was gone, now i just have this achy feeling and my chest feels like its gonna fall off. pleasant i know. I am finally somewhat satsified with sscoms layout and colors n all that, still wanting to get my blog better. I just am not sure if i can make whatever layout then i put logbody in it or what! I finally got the review part of sscom up so that was fun for the most part. it was 80 today! last week 20-30s now 80! how freaky is that! Matts all testy lately he goes from adoring me to wanting to kill me in a split second. I think hes finally, although slowly, getting it that I am leaving in a few months, I’m not changing my mind, and that hes going to have to deal with it, but since he has grown up getting his every whim (as long as it doesn’t require real money) and I’ve never really given him anything. So last night I was on the phone with mango mary until like 4am! I was just babbling on and on about comp stuff putting her to sleep, it was very amusing! well I am gonna go on nappy and get some songs for my sister!