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We just got back from taking the maternity ward tour. It was us and another couple who brought their I assume 5-6 yr old son….anyways….we saw where the preemies go n stuff and saw the birthing rooms, surgical place where c-sections take place, and the mom n baby ward is where you go after the delivery n such. The tour lady was super nice she was a breastfeeding instructor and asked us both *us being the pregnant people* if we were going to breastfeed and the other lady was right away “no i am not” and i said “i plan on breastfeeding exclusively for a year” after that the lady loved me heh and gave me ALL kinds of info and even info on the breastfeeding class!! So anyways I asked my questions about routine procdeures and if I would be allowed to walk around and what not and I can so woohoo! No laboring on my back! I left there feeling very much relieved. She was super nice and I plan to take the breastfeeding class mid december so I retain as much info as I can…also if after you go home you have a problem with breastfeeding they offer FREE help and consultations at the hospital! AWESOME! So I am very much pumped up now heh.