Link + Loves #2

October 1st 2012 / 1 minute to read

link roundup at

I thought I’d share some of the best links I’ve come across over the past week so here you go!


  • We absolutely love roast chicken around here and this recipe for Perfect Roast Chicken sounds fantastic!
  • Wine + chicken. Um. Yes please! Red Wine Slow Cooker Chicken




Let me know of any neat links you’ve come across in the past week!

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Hot Mess
Car Insurance
Playing Catch-Up
I Redesigned, Again
I Miss Site Skinning
Blogging 4-ever
Freebie Library
Night Agent
Link CSS Changes
Spring Equinox
Small OSN Refreshes
Another Good Show
OSN Changes
New Favorite Show



Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Thug Mentality

Album Art for Take a Look Around

Limp Bizkit

Take a Look Around

Album Art for I Begin to Wonder

Dannii Minogue

I Begin to Wonder

dysfunctional mom

THank you for the Facebook heads-up…WOW!

Reply to dysfunctional mom

You are so welcome!


I love these posts. Thanks for the good reads and tricks.

Reply to Veronica

Thank you! I think it’s always nice to see the posts people found interesting because it might show me a post I missed or a brand new blog I’ve never been to or just shiny pretty glittery things.

Ooh I totally need to add that twitter box (and the fb one for that matter) to my blog. Long overdue. And bookmarking the media kit one too. Thanks!

Yes! I am always going straight to the sidebar looking for the “like” and “follow” areas lol.


THank you for featuring my food photography tips and tricks!!! I really appreciate it, and am so glad you stopped by!!

Reply to meghan

Hey hun I nominated you for Liebster award, because I love your blog! visit the link below to see all the details! I hope you participate.

Reply to Kala

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