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Yay someone joined the I Respect My Host clique!

I know I am up early, nervous about today’s appointment with the new OB. I hope she’s nice!! We wrote a list of questions, Matt wrote 8, I wrote 2, so bringing that with us.

Before I forget here is a plug for Kim, for signing my guestbook! Thank you!

It’s pityful, even though I have a new layout up, I will probably mess around making more, who knows maybe I will make a better one! I’ve never been one for using just brushes in a layout, dunno why, I suppose I am a more straight forward image type of person.

Also gonna update a photo since well what I was wishing for obviously happened hahahaa. I need to take my shower soon, in about 30 min, since I want to get there early to fill out insurance forms and just be prepared. Ugh, just realized I will get an internal since I am almost 38 weeks. FUN! I hope I have some sort of cervical change!!! Send me labor vibes people!!!

OHHHH I am ALSO excited beyond belief because Ali promised she would send me all of my presents today, and Jessica is sending hers too!! How awesome is that!!

Okay, going to start burning a cd for the trip to the OB, and take my shower, and spend like 15 min trying to bend over and put my socks and shoes on…I can get them ON but I can’t take them OFF, how sad is that haahhahaa okey well give me love! *sprinkles perkiness all over while a certian someone stabs at my cervix*

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