In the works is a new project for a Pagan Journaling Community! Right now we are taking applications for Beta testing!


-basic knowledge of layout, design, and coding
-YOU MUST BE PAGAN (earth-centric religion – i.e. dianic, wiccan, druid, kemetic, asatru, etc.)
-the content in your journal must be dominantly Pagan in nature
-are willing to actively tell us where they found trouble, what they would have liked more instruction on, etc

You will receive:

-early adopter status
  -entitles you to 2x more features than the normal “user”

It would be a plus if you:

-have done ANY beta testing in the past

And finally:

email us at with the following:

-who you are
-what (if any) experience you have had in beta testing
-why you are interested in being a beta tester
-anything else we should consider when reviewing your application
-where you found this notice (as it was posted in many places)

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posted on July 18th 2004 at 4:14AM CST

Is this a new cooperative / team blog?

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