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Remember to click Immortality for me! I only need 50 more unique clicks!

As you can tell, it is a new design! If you are on AOL or something, please clear your cache and temp files, since I am not in the mood to rename any files heh.

Pagan also has a new design!

I need to re-vamp Wisdom, and clean some things up there as well. Please check out and join all of my fanlistings!

I wrote Crys one huge email last night haha, mostly me babbling but it has got to be the longest email I have ever written in my entire emailing life!

Since my adorable pudgylicious chublet is still awake n perky, I don’t really have too much time to write an entry, so this will have to do for now!

I know she did this a bit ago, but the lovely Jeanie has a wonderful new layout! Jenn moved to a new domain which is oh so pretty in pink!

If I find anymore newness out there, I will edit this entry to add it in!

I am so utterly proud of Angel for graduating NYU today! I mean could she kick any more ass?!?!

I am trying like hell to stay positive today, very hard to do well duh considering everything going on, but the whole mind over matter thing might work!

posted on May 15th 2003 at 4:41AM CDT

hey sarah!
love you layout! it’s so pretty!

posted on May 15th 2003 at 6:03AM CDT

Thanks for the plug, love. :-)
Sorry I haven’t been commenting/chatting with you lately . . . so much shit going on. I miss you!

posted on May 15th 2003 at 7:41AM CDT

Hey Mind over Matter works! most of the time, so keep up the process!  Lovely new layout.  So glad you’re feeling better!

posted on May 15th 2003 at 7:17AM CDT

The new layout is postively beautiful.  You are so talented.

posted on May 15th 2003 at 1:52PM CDT

I love the new layout also, I’m going to check out Pagan now :)

posted on May 15th 2003 at 1:59PM CDT

Ahhhh!!! SO pretty over here!!!!  I am glad to see that you are being positive today:O) {{{hugs}}}

posted on May 15th 2003 at 2:00PM CDT

P.S. What is the name of the font that you used for “One Starry Night”? Love it! Have a great day Sarah:O)

Angel Whispers
posted on May 15th 2003 at 1:14PM CDT

Love the new layout, Sarah!  :o)

posted on May 16th 2003 at 2:27AM CDT

Beautiful layout.  :)  Damn girl you are really pumping these out and they all look great.  Sorry I haven’t been around much, college life is fast.

posted on May 16th 2003 at 4:37AM CDT

cute layout! it’s very pretty!