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I promise a real entry once Daniel goes to sleep, but until then, I need 80 people to click that above link, and no one can really click it twice or else it will think I am cheating hahaha, it’s just for kicks but I really would love to be immortal n everything! ahhaha seriously, click, and real entry in a bit should be another long one if I am semi awake at the time!

posted on May 14th 2003 at 3:58AM CDT

Clicked! Good luck!

posted on May 14th 2003 at 6:18AM CDT

Clicked it Sarah! Oh and the sets are up, people are really lovin your sets over at Registry of Design:O) Take care!!

posted on May 14th 2003 at 4:13PM CDT

its my first time here. i’m just gonna check out your site. just letting you know that i stopped by!

posted on May 14th 2003 at 6:41PM CDT

u hav a really awesome site, ill definatly be back to visit :D

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