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Yay Matt got paid so we put some money for the bills and we have enough for GROCERIES! We spent $26 at Aldi’s and got SO much off of my grocery list and stuff not even ON the list! In a bit I am going to Giant Eagle to get the meat and fresh stuff n what not. I am mucho perky new gbook entry AND I seem to have gotten a ton of hits from 4am till now 1230pm! WOOHOO! I love the people! I have been having a lot of sharpish pains in my right side….not evil or anything and no like other signs of ickness but I am thankful I have an OB appointment on Monday. I also want to see if I get another ultrasound to see if the baby is head up or head down *PLEASE let him be head down!* My breasts are also hurting a lot today….probably growing and preparing my milk ducts. I still can’t believe its almost the home stretch for this! Nicki is due in just a couple WEEKS! I wonder if it will be a boy or girl. She hopes for a boy this time around and that would be awesome just to have both boys I mean its awesome enough that we are actually pregnant at the same time not to mention DUE around the same time! Well I am gonna finish my Wendy’s Chili and then go to the store!!

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