Photo Post: My Makeup Collection

April 2nd 2011 / 2 minutes to read

Not the best photos as I shot these in late evening at a super high ISO (like… 1000-1600!) but still, some of you expressed an interest so here we are! A few things like… my eyelash curler or other odds and ends I didn’t take photos of because well… effort. Share with me YOUR collection!

Facial Care
MAC lipsticks
Misc lipsticks
MAC lipglosses
Misc lipglosses
More lipglosses
Urban Decay Primer Potion (eyeshadow base)

Misc eyeshadows
Misc eyeshadows - Lucky Green from MAC & two mineral shadows from Ulta
Naked Palette from Urban Decay
Too Faced Natural Palette
Bare Mineral loose mineral eyeshadows
MAC paint pots
Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadows
MAC fluidline

MAC eyeshadow palettes
Bucket O' Brushes
Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer & Moisturizing Foundation

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Dude. I’m drooling. I used to be OBSESSED with Mac makeup back in my rocker days. Now I never spend money on makeup anymore, BUT the one thing that I refuse to be without is Benetint. I’ve been using it since ’99 and I swear to god it makes me 10 times better looking every time I put it on. It’s just a cheek stain, but for some reason it flat out makes me GLOW unlike anything in the entire world. I was never the kind of person who used blush of any kind, but my old bandmate got me on Benetint and I cannot believe the way it lights up my face. Every great picture I have is with me wearing Benetint. It’s $30 a bottle, but the bottles last FOREVER, so I’m okay with buying it once every few years.

The other thing that makes a huge difference is using the mineral powders. I grew up with cystic acne and I never thought ANYONE would accuse me of having great skin, but every time I wear my mineral powder foundation, people go on about how perfect my skin is. I’m always like “you’re nuts! My whole face is a big scar!” But I guess that can’t see that.

Other than that, I just throw on some Colorstay shadow, some Benefit eyeliner, some cheap mascara, and a reddish lipstick. That’s as “made-up” as I get these days. But when we play our reunion show at Double Door this summer, I’m sure I’ll be digging out my hot pink Mac eyeshadow again!

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

I get made-up to go grocery shopping LOL! I do NOT go in public without at least black eyeliner and mascara. I have SUPER very extremely dry skin after having Tristan so it’s been a battle to find a good moisturizer (not shown in the photos are like 4 other random moisturizer bottles and my lovely jar of Clinique moisture surge).

I LOVE eyeshadow. I love YOUR eyeshadow! I just got that too faced palette… I am in love with the honey pot color. I also never leave the house without black eyeliner- I use urban decay 24/7. I don’t have a MAC store near m but I would probably spend my entire take home pay. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a mineral makeup that I am not allergic to… most thing make me turn bright red and hot… I think it’s the bismuth or zinc or… okay I really don’t know what I’m allergic too, it just seems like everything!

LOL sweet! We have a few MAC full on stores here, otherwise have you checked out like… Nordstrom or Macy’s? Usually they have a MAC counter!

I can’t do the mineral foundation anymore because my skin is SOOOO dry it makes me even MORE flaky, but I love the eyeshadows which seem to be just fine thankfully. I have read that a LOT of people are allergic to some of the mineral makeup ingredients which sucks!


wow… that’s a lot of makeup!!

I don’t wear it cause it makes me feel weird, but if I DID, I’d be very pink :P

Reply to Jenny

LOL yes it is!

Why does it make you feel weird?


Iuno maybe it’s cause it makes me look different? xD But people look at me more and it kinda makes me feel odd… like maybe I look bad or weird or something… but I could just be paranoid :P LOL

Reply to Jenny

OHH so you don’t like it because it draws attention to you?

I think starting out with just a nude or natural eyecolor and a little mascara and going from there is best to start with makeup before going to the bright greens, purples, etc.

Also, honestly, check out the makeup videos on YouTube! They are ADDICTING!

Those photos make the colors so luscious it makes me fondly think of make up collections. This is my moisturizer, deoderant, & lipbalm: extra virgin raw coconut oil ;)

LOL! Multipurpose product FTW!

I know part of my issue with my super dry skin is that I rarely drink water anymore. I have NO idea what my issue is with drinking water. Sigh!

I didn’t take photos of my nail polishes either because I don’t have many and I forgot lol.

Jake Aryeh Marcus

You make me feel like a make-up underachiever. Looks like you could be a make-up artist. Definitely a viable career option.

Hey are those comment rules new? No profanity? :(

Reply to Jake Aryeh Marcus

LOL! No the comment guidelines have been here for… 2-4 years at least? By profanity I mean TOWARDS ME specifically as I had dealt with just random INSANE stuff from DS1’s bio-father and his “friends” on here.

OHH I couldn’t be a makeup artist, I would poke people in the eye or something lol. It’s a bit ridiculous how much makeup I do have considering I rarely go out!

Jake Aryeh Marcus

You could do my make-up any time! I don’t even know how an eyelash curler works. And glad to know I can still use the F word in the appropriate context. ;)

Reply to Jake Aryeh Marcus



Wow, loove the eye shadows! Jenn got me turned on to NYX eye shadows and I loove them so much. I never wore much make up before but even if you’re not going out it makes you feel so much better.

Reply to Liz

Thanks! I actually don’t have any NYX products, surprisingly lol.

LOL my best friend’s make-up case is bigger than my industrial fishing tackle box, and I think your collection is the only one I’ve seen that might come close to hers.

She regularly spends WAY to much money on MAC products, however, she is an esthetician and does make-up for weddings and proms on the side.

I’ll never have time for it (and I don’t mean that I’m busy, just that I wont MAKE time for it, lol). I’m a foundation and mascara during the day kind of girl, and an eyeshadow primer followed by eyeshadow girl by night. I buy CoverGirl pallets, and Elizabeth Arden primer. But I love women who make themselves up because it shows they’ve got creativity, and inspiration for different combination.

LOL I have no excuse as to why I have so much makeup.


Wow, fantastic! Love your collection! You have so much more make-up than I do.
I’m more of a Nivea fan myself as my skin is quite sensitive, and though it’s expensive, at least I don’t have to put up with most of the vendors over at Sephora (who have probably as much knowledge on makeup and skin complexion than I do, that is to say none at all). Still have Sephora stuff over from my younger years though.

Brilliant idea, I think I’m gonna do makeup collection photos of my own.

Reply to Marie-Anne

Thank you! With Sephora, I tend to make a list and plan ahead, reading reviews on products. I also have found that only TWO of the many locations we have in my area, are helpful.

YES let me know when you post photos of your collection!


I thought I owned a lot of eyeshadow but you got me beat. Loving the different shades of your eyeshadow.

Reply to Kimm

LOL this didn’t include ALLLLLLL the tons of products I recently gave my twin sister from my stash!

I’m jealous — I hardly have any makeup now. I only want to use natural products that are almost totally chem-free, and I couldn’t afford to replace everything at once.

I love the photos of the Mac lipsticks & glosses. Very pretty!

OH so what brands are you using that are natural?

I’m using a brand called Real Purity. I have to order it from their website (, but I’ve been really happy with their products — my skin is a lot healthier and less irritated than when I used Clinique. I’m using the foundation, lipsticks, powder and blush. You can order testers of lots of their products, which is nice since it can be hard to judge color off the website.

There’s a website that rates the ingredients of different makeups and this brand was one of the best. I can’t remember the name of that site but I have it bookmarked on my work computer.


Wow! That is an amazing collection. I’m very jealous. I like makeup, and I wear it about 40% of the time. I just have a hard time knowing what to buy, and I haven’t ever had a place to go where I could walk in and say “I’m looking for a new fresh eyeshadow. What do you suggest?” So, instead I buy just the basics (read boring basics).

I bet your place would be a fun place to go over and play dress up! :-)

Reply to Casey

OHH where do you live? MAC would totally try to give you a brighter color if you ask for something non-neutral.

I lean towards purples/greens mostly.


I live in North Dakota. I think I’ve checked before and the closest I can find MAC is either 5 hours away in MN or taking a trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Maybe some day, right? :-)

Reply to Casey
Yakini @ThePrissyMommy

Love your lipstick colors. This is a GREAT collection, and very organized. Now I’d love to see the case that you store all this in! ;-)

Reply to Yakini @ThePrissyMommy

LOL so not organized! I don’t have a makeup case or anything, my poor bathroom counter is trashed. I wish I had a vanity or something similar!

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