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Prancing along

I work tonight, good times. Mary was telling me how her other friend Sara and I are SO similar. We even work in the same mall apparently. Cracked me up so much.

So it make me ponder my way of talking. I say prance a lot. Prance, prancing, prance about. I even include hand motions with this. I say (and do) snap snap a lot. Point in case:

ThirdEyeIsOpen: well, i’m willing to bet that if it is the real deal, then it’s just the camera body and not the lens… still a good bargain :-P i can just buy the lens in a month or so
Sprites Whispers: snap snap thats right!!
ThirdEyeIsOpen: do you say “snap snap” out loud in real life? :-P
Sprites Whispers: yes
Sprites Whispers: ahahahha i do

I got an email from Matt today. It was a nice email. As for our “relationship” or whatever it is, I am going to go by his actions. I want grand gestures lol. I am the romantic yes.

Does anyone go to the Woodfield Mall?

I need to do laundry tonight/tomorrow.

Bleh, my mind is just swimming lately. Oh geez, chubs has my sandals and is putting them on, this is why I need a camera!! My little chublet is too adorable these days!! He even puts the correct shoe on the correct foot!!

I guess I will go into the shower now, Infuseium23 (spelling?) my hair lol.

Oh does anyone know if their The Body Shop has the Wild Hibiscus or Violet Leaf scent? It has been discontinued but maybe find the lotion/body wash or anything? I would be forever grateful!!

Also in general, anyone have any violet EO?

Ok going to go now lol

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posted on August 13th 2003 at 5:03PM CDT

Great layout :) I love the domain name.

posted on August 13th 2003 at 7:21PM CDT

OMG, love the layout and site! :D:D:D SO talented.

posted on August 14th 2003 at 1:01AM CDT

i like the layout and the name!

posted on August 14th 2003 at 5:25AM CDT

i think all girls need a little romance in a relationship. and demand grand gestures!

posted on August 14th 2003 at 8:00PM CDT

Awww, every girl needs a little romance once in awhile. My babe used to be really good at it, but hes gotten a little slack with me lately, heh. I miss it.

posted on August 14th 2003 at 8:50PM CDT

great layout

posted on August 14th 2003 at 10:04PM CDT

LOL yes you do the hand motions to “snap snap” a lot!  I noticed that in just one evening!!  =o)  I love your layout!!  ;o)

posted on August 15th 2003 at 1:41AM CDT

this is the best layout i’ve ever seen. no kidding, i love it, it makes me want to camp out under the stars.

posted on August 15th 2003 at 8:16AM CDT

haha. I do hand motions to and snapping, snapping. nice to know i’m not the only one. =X

posted on August 15th 2003 at 12:23PM CDT

lol i do hand motions when i talk too. omg i practically live at woodfield :) it’s only 10 minutes away from my house and i go there a lot.

posted on August 15th 2003 at 8:10PM CDT

i told sara that you talked about her here! i think she came here and saw!

posted on August 16th 2003 at 11:23PM CDT

Hey Sarah, great layout.  lol Just kidding, well I mean it is a great layout but yea anyways, you know.  I just wanted to tell you I love the way you are sounding so happy lately.  I want this to continue!!!  Much love and happiness, babe, you deserve it.  :)

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