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hehehhe I got to go to Mary’s tonight!! It was so much fun! We all got nachos (us gringo’s n everything!) and watched the real world and played with chubs who adores Mary ehhehe it was just super fun. I had a total blast!! Don’t let her tell you any different, she is stacked on top, I was totally in fear for my life that her melons were gonna pop out and smack me, or knock my son over!!

I am so in need of a new OSN project! I am hosting too! So apply to be hosted at OSN people!

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Spring Equinox

A blessed Ostara / Spring Equinox / First Day of Spring to you!

Small OSN Refreshes

Changed the following to OSN:

Another Good Show

Wow, ABC is on a roll with the new shows lately! I really enjoyed The Company You Keep.

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posted on August 10th 2003 at 2:37AM CDT

my melons? i could say something really bad but, i’ll try to be good. it’s not like you’re flat chested! i can’t believe you were in fear for your life! that is so, funny!

posted on August 10th 2003 at 7:57AM CDT

You guys are too cute. I’m glad you both had a good time! Whoo hoo!

posted on August 10th 2003 at 9:52AM CDT

So Mary’s stacked, eh.  I REALLY wanted to know that!  lmao…. That’s just too funny. 

Tell Mary to keep those “mellons” secured or she’ll wind up with black eyes like mine from riding around in that there truck, ya here!  lmao

Angel Whispers
posted on August 10th 2003 at 10:08AM CDT

haha, you guys are nuts!  Another one who needs to register her umm errr “melons” as lethal weapons, ay?

posted on August 10th 2003 at 12:15PM CDT

LoL. The ‘melon’ part was funny. You guys seem like really fun people. :D

posted on August 10th 2003 at 4:44PM CDT



posted on August 10th 2003 at 6:35PM CDT

lol popping melons

Great layout! Makes me feel like a faerie..

posted on August 10th 2003 at 9:30PM CDT

what a pretty, creative layout you have! :)

posted on August 10th 2003 at 11:11PM CDT

rofl….. sounds like u had fun….lol

posted on August 11th 2003 at 10:09AM CDT

Dude. I’m liking this layout. *lol* I like “The Real World,” but I like “Road Rules” better .. *heh*

posted on August 11th 2003 at 10:39AM CDT

im in love with the grass on ur layout. ur layout looks really good.

posted on August 11th 2003 at 10:43AM CDT

I love your layout, it’s so pretty, but I just noticed the grass because of the comment the person before me made. It’s nice grass. It’s WOW grass. But then again, this whole layout is WOW. Haha, “melons”.

posted on August 11th 2003 at 12:08PM CDT

Very nice and relaxing layout, I love it :D

posted on August 11th 2003 at 2:09PM CDT

this domain looks great. i might wanna uhmm be making a new site. im not sure.. maybe ill come back if the hosting is still around.

posted on August 11th 2003 at 2:56PM CDT

Popping.. Melons..? o_O Strange humans… XD Anyway, sounds like you had fun!

posted on August 12th 2003 at 9:58AM CDT

mmmm….nachos. Glad you had fun. Great layout this is the first time I’m here.

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