November 30th 2003 / 2 minutes to read

So I broke my toe this morning… that is painful and really freaky looking.

I am just so blah right now, Daniel fell asleep so I put him into bed. I have people I need to call like Patrick, Janay, Mary… I just never seem to want to talk the past few days.

I have such an urge to dye my hair… it has been a few years since I’ve done this and it used to be such fun… bleh… why is it I make no sense after working all day?

So… snippets from the email’s from Matt from the past two days heh.

hows it going i miss you i have been thinking about you lots mwwwwas i know you are having a very long n tuff day at work poor thing i know though you will sell lots of stuff cause your kickass like that mwwwaaaas anyways i am looking forward to seeing you and holding you all night long

i will hopefully get to talk to you tonight if you arent to tired from work i know it will be super late when you get home so i understand if you just want to crash hun mwwwas i want to talk to you tomorrow if i dont get to tonight k i love hearing your voice

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OUCH on the broken toe.

Working with insane crazy people at this time of year is enough to make anyone scattered of mind. I’m glad you get to come home to sweet nothings in your mail box!

Reply to Barb

Hm… I’ve never broken a bone before. :( I used to want to break one. Just because everyone else was breaking stuff, and they made it look cool! Ah, peer pressure at the tender age of 9. :P
Keep up the nice work and feel better!

Reply to Kasie

you broke… your toe?!

Reply to J

Oh my god, you broke your toe?  That’s half funny, half sad, lol.  I remember when I broke my finger.  My mom kept laughing at me and made me cry, haha.
I’ve had such an urge to dye my hair lately too.  Maybe soon.  Maybe.  Don’t think my mom would appreciate it if I dye it black though, hehe.

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